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Natalie Fletcher
the Muse
The single most important factor that Natalie has found in her experience is the ability to be of INFLUENCE within any role of life. Her mantra, " It not just the role/title you are in at a point of time in life; rather a job, friend, husband, wife, sister, brother, mother or father. It's those who have been influenced by whom you have come in contact within the season or lifetime that matters". She chooses to inspire people to be greater influences through their gifts and passions from her gifts and passions.
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My mission is to speak, motivate and construct wholeness in others and projects through their gifts and passions combined with my gifts and passions.  

 Natalie Fletcher, raised in Alabama, in a home filled southern charm and family values. She learned early about overcoming obstacles. It was her grandmother taught her at an early age to not wait for anyone to you have to create them for yourself. Her motivational and inspirational technique to influence is delivered through stories, metaphors, servanthood, and transparency.


Natalie attended Middle Tennessee State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree with a Recording Industry Music Business concentration and a minor in Entrepreneurship. She set out with the dream to be the next female P.Diddy/ and discover great talents like Clive Davis. It was in college, after the passing of her grandmother, she discovered her initial purpose to be a Muse.  Her own personal brand of one who inspires others to be great within. She was determined to be motivated to live out success, and to work in excellence. All the key things she learned from her grandmother. A muse is defined as one that inspires, over time she has become determined to be an inspiration to the community around her and in any role of influence she takes on.  Muse became an acronym for execution




Natalie landed an opportunity to work for Cumulus Media and Stroh Communications. She served as an advertising executive for a few years in radio and digital sales for POP and Urban contemporary radio formats. She took ownership of the opportunities and became a branding/advertising specialist for several local and national businesses. Servicing her clients in the role of a marketing consultant open doors to also becoming an independent contractor for small to large companies. She advised owners and decision makers marketing medium usage and teaching them how to think of themselves as a brand and build new relationships to produce a bigger platform for her clients as their consultant. During that time she developed a niche for event-planning and marketing promotions specializing in live entertainment, networking mixers, restaurant promotions, and fashion shows. 


Key opportunities include" IT Factor, Fashion show", which built a brand identity for a trendy hair salon; establishing their brand identity as, "The IT Girls. Other success came from planning a Car Show for a local car wash business owner and consulted Alvin Moore Entertainment as their Marketing manager in which led to numerous distribution deals with their playwrights. Other successes within being one of the lead coordinators and consultants for The Soul Lounge, Nashville in which allowed local acts to perform their musical talents. Many other opportunities came from servicing her creativity in planning and consulting.


Natalie's journey within her career with a drive for success led to one of the most life changing experiences of her life. She interviewed to be a admissions recruiter at a career college as a foot in the door and walked out gaining the role as a Director of Career Services.  Six years later, she has established herself to be a  strategic planner, facilitator, stability manager, effective leader, and motivator.  She has proven to be an authentic leader of influence within the higher education industry.  She has managed to become the youngest female minority to sit within senior leadership in every role she obtained raising the bar within three different higher education career colleges.  In her career, she is known for delivering results through her skills of virtual team management, strategic planning, and training. Natalie has been responsible for guiding thousands of graduates by helping them reach their professional career goals.


Passionate about collaboration, she seeks to bring wholeness to any organization, and business, she consults.  She is an asset and a servant to any project, or organization she is part of. Her motto, ”Have Faith, Be Focused, Stay Fly,” stems to be proven mindfulness for her success personally and professionally, a motto inspired and dedicated to her late grandmother. Natalie’s expertise is a combination of 10 years of sales, management, strategy,  operational leadership, and team development.

All her accomplishments didn't come easy. Her story from an eager commision sales representative within the radio industry on hard times turned into a life of purpose with the perfect career and a great social life. She believes anyone can accomplish their own success as long as the work their own plan.  Universal Consulting Services, is the beginning of her servanthood to her core passions and interests to serve start-up ’s, entrepreneurs, individuals, and projects that seek to make an inspirational impact on the world and seek strategies that generate results.  


Natalie enjoys getting to know people, inspiring them to thrive in purpose. She specializes in strategic planning and analysis to find how to produce, draw up a solution and creating the plan. Natalie is passionate about speaking on influencing subject matters and planning new events.


She is driven from creativity and pushes herself to take the risk to see what is possible. She delivers energetic teaching with past experience stories to drive others to get started. Currently, she is working on her first book, and pursuing her Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership, in order to excel her dedication to empowering others to reach their own personal and professional success according to their life’s mission.



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