9 Thoughts to Consider before Planning your Vision.

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

I remember leaving a vision party with excitement about a bunch pretty pictures I found to glue stick, only to be in a rut 12 months later because what was on the vision didn’t come into fruition. If you are a person like me who seeks to evolve your life by setting new goals, vision boards, establishing priorities, or new year resolutions. Consider conducting your personal year-end review.

I have been doing vision planning for myself for close to ten years and thought I wanted to share tips that can help shape a vision for the next decade. I found good self-regulation and doing my own year-end really helped guide my focus. Anyone who has worked with me or collaborated with me knows, I love a good Swot Analysis! It teaches, Where to Play and How to Win! Conducting a year-end review on yourself is not an opportunity to get critical on yourself or to even pat yourself on the back. It is an honest observation and component to help lead you to the vision you crave, desire, and allow you to effectively make changes.

Companies conduct a year-end review to determine how to lead, plan, and execute the next twelve months. Why not do this for your life? Are you not living in purpose to fulfill your own destiny? If you are a person driven by purpose, vision, and legacy then it is good to take some time to conduct a thorough year-end review

I am suggesting an evaluation of your life's controllable outcomes and what people places and things influenced your lively hood. Conduct this process prior to casting your vision or attending any vision board parties. It is very helpful to take some time with yourself through prayer and looking inward and reviewing your external factors before you go to your favorite vision board party.

Here are some thoughts to consider as you utilize a SWOT Analysis method prior to your new Vision Board. (Strengths Weakness Opportunities and Threats)

1. Leave out your emotions about your wins and losses.

2. Pull out your vision, mission, self manifestations, etc you set from earlier this year.

I suggest answering these questions in a journal format.

A. What are my Dreams? (What are the things you hoped for?)

B. What did I take action on? (Identifies Strengths, determines clarity on what mattered to you the most.)

C. Am I committed or just interested? -Eliminates additional self-inflicted pressure.

3. Who are the people that have been key contributors to living your vision?

Determine who are the people who validate and contribute to your life's mission. Below is a blog that can help you answer this question.


4. What do you feel is missing to get to your desired outcome? Identify your gaps, determine opportunities.

5. What are the desires of your heart calling you towards? What solution do you want to bring to the table to better the community around you? Fundraising, Volunteering, New Business Venture, Cultural Projects or Partnership, Hobbies, Social Society?

6. What does the data say? (Metrics - Face your Facts, Fears, and Review the results).

You may do well on some things, or you probably sucked somewhere too. I encourage you to be honest either way but don’t beat yourself up. This is where leaving out your emotions really counts.

7. Who, what, and where can you eliminate? In other words, what are you going to be Officially DONE with?

Who can you spend more time with, where can you go more, and what can you add to for your vision to come to life?

I warn you from personal experience, you can’t hold on and move on at the same time and it is going to make you really uncomfortable. Determine where to cut the fat.

8. Do you want to be stretched? Yes or No? We should always be stretching ourselves If you answer is either, “Maybe, Kinda, and I think so” won’t cut it. Unless you want to be living in your own groundhogs day, make a decision.

9. Do not worry about impressing anyone or seeking approval. This is a personal exercise.

After you conduct this process with yourself, you can determine an amazing vision and plan for your new year!

If you would like more information on how to create, gain strategy, and or execute a successful vision that will give you measurable outcomes for your next venture, Connect with me for a free 30-minute consultation. I love working with Visionaries, Leaders, Creatives, and Change Agents!

Stay tuned for tips on how to create a vision board that wins.

Coming in February 2020

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