The Making of a Muse. pt 1 ....

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Welcome to my blog! This is a series of stories, of Natalie The Muse...

It all started when I was five years old. One August morning in 1989, my mom put me in the car and took me to a building with color boards on walls of hallways. I walked into a room full of strangers. In this room was twenty other people who were my size, talkative, and confused, just like me. I sat down at the desk with my name on it, and then she said, "Okay, Natalie, I will see you later, be good." I was in kindergarten. I didn't have daycare the first five years, so this notion of me being unattended with twenty other kids, and one adult, bothered me. My entire world involved my Momma, my two sisters, who were both at least six years ahead of me, my Daddy, Grandma, & Papa. I had my reckless cousins, my Uncle Ed, Aunt Louise, and the other friends of my grandparents. I hung out with them every day prior to kindergarten, they were my first friends. Public education and its systematize formalities, was something I don't think I was ready for. I didn't know I would be in this school thing for twelve years.

Starting grade school was tough, they had rules.

1. Raise your hand to talk.

2 .Stand in a single file line. I had the hardest time understanding what a " single file" meant then. I remember thinking, " I do not see any files?"

3. Keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself.

4. Be kind to your neighbor.

So,rule number one gave me hell. My problem was I couldn't stop getting my name on the board. I noticed, I would talk and people would laugh. I would talk and people would asked me for help. I would talk and people wanted to be my friend. I guess from talking out of turn I became a public speaker. I have close to thirty years of public speaking experience with results....LOL

It was never my intention to not follow the rules. I have come to learn that there is a difference between meeting expectations, and what we "intend to do." More discussions on that later.

I would raise my hand, as the sign instructed. My arm would get tired, and I would be thinking okay, I am following the rules lady! After a while I felt my arm would hurt. I felt that I played the game, so forget it, I can't take it anymore, I need to share what I have to say.

In this lesson, I learned opportunities are given, and opportunities are taken. Okay it cost me my name on the board, but you know what it never made me question who I was to myself, or to people. I honestly didn't stop getting my name on the board until the 11th grade. I would get good grades, and with my best effort I could scrape by with a "G," but a "S " for satisfactory in the category for following directions. Often the report was good, however comments constantly read, " Natalie is a joy to have in class, but is very talkative, and it can be disruptive to the learning session."

I think, I needed to put my talents and personality in a challenged space. I don't regret it one bit. Natalie is talkative, and can cause healthy disruptions. I motivate, and I create my own opportunities, I give advice, and I consider myself as a person who enhances and adds value to anything I come in contact with.

Welcome to my blog, I plan to inspire you and post topics that may challenge your current thoughts. My series of subjects will included faith,self-development, professional related topics, and lifestyle. They will all support my motto," Have Faith Be-Focused, & Stay Fly, for my life. Its in my purpose to be a catalyst and be of influence to help you elevate your purpose.

Thanks for reading, and I pray for you and sincerely hope that something of wholeness, identity and deliverance come from the things I post about. I also hope my stories bring some transparency and authenticity to your life...

Remember - Have Faith- Be-Focused- Stay Fly

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