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Ok, 2020 has been mind-shifting, challenging, pushy, and annoying. Results and change do not happen overnight, neither the two of success and failure. Nope not all, I have some truths mixed in with a couple of nuggets to help you pivot, redirect, and focus on the life you are living to pursue purpose and leadership, even when you do not feel like it. I had the experience with "pivoting," at an early age when I played basketball. Pivoting helps a player avoid a defensive player find an opening on the court to take a shot, make a pass, or dribble toward the basket. If you are like me, there are triggering events like the covid pandemic, job-loss, relationships, unmet expectations, periods of isolation that can lead you to search for that new opening to take a new strategy to create a better life for yourself.

1.The purpose of your life is a Priority: Real Estate has been on my list since high school; however, it wasn't until my position was eliminated in December of 2018 and through much self-discovery that my ideal career path became relevant to pursue. I had the opportunity to pursue real estate upon graduating from college at a Title Company. I was absolutely horrible at that job. I actually was fired within three months: I tried working for another title company they fired me too. Although I was interested in Real Estate, I was not confident about my pursuit, and also I wanted to be an entertainment Mogul. I had big dreams and was uncertain about how I could do it all. At this point in my life purpose was not my focused, getting the dream career, and making money. After I bought my first home, I had the desire yet again to pursue real estate, but I was still afraid to do it. At the time I was very conditioned about my career as a regional leader and higher education, so year after year, real estate was on my vision board, but I treated it like a “wish;" I had no commitment to it. Once I made chasing my purpose, my priority, pursuing Real Estate was an easier commitment for me to pursue. I thought getting to these goals was purposeful, I realized helping people secure wealth and the best place to plant their feet gives me purpose for real-estate. I discovered writing blogs or books to visionaries to help them thrive on their journey gives a purpose to a pivot. When you make the purpose the priority the pursuit and commitment will come naturally.

2.Isolation is Needed for your Elevation: I was quarantined before the quarantined so from 2018-Present. Who knew taking the “dream job,” would put me in a place of isolation? In 2018, I relocated, traveled 80%, and then moved into remote work. I didn’t expect my village/ social community to change the trajectory of my life. People around me became a scarcity, which is tragic to an extrovert like me.

One day I decided to allow myself to be “stretched,” because I knew I had a thirst for another direction to impact people. To my surprise, my “dream job” was eliminated, and I was in a city where no one knew my name. Shortly afterward, I moved back to the Middle Tennessee area and have been working remotely, writing books, blogs, and launching - NatalietheMuse.com. I have written three books completed and on my laptop. My first release, How I Overcame Story, the story of losing what I thought was a "Dream." It’s detailed in my book, found on my website: Scars, "Untold Stories to heal the trouble." Interestingly enough experiences detailed in Scars prepped me for the quarantine, discussing the balance with others, and overcoming situations that interrupt life plans. To redirect and focus, you must let go of many things you were once comfortable with. Additionally, Scars discusses bouncing back, letting go, forgiveness, and getting past the ego and its title attachments.

3. Focus: Once I became knee-deep in being “stretched,” I quickly learned to be unafraid of people and their perceptions. It can be tough to not be in your head so much. To Silence the Noise, Eliminate Distractions, and Get Rest are keys to gain the clarity you need to move forward to get the results you desire. The human mind was designed to create. So, I have been taking my purpose as a lifestyle and began building. The StayFlyShop is designed for leaders, creatives, and mission-minded individuals who like to go on frequent adventures. The Stay Fly Shop offers books, apparel, and consulting around these three keys - Have Faith, Be Focused and Stay Fly.

4. Obedience and Sacrifice are like Peanut butter and Jelly: As I focused on building my brand and mission, which I’ve coined, Natalie The Muse, which means one who inspires and builds others up, I had to let go of some lifestyle patterns. Yes, I missed Sunday Funday, and I missed my friends. I had to drive uber, work a full-time job while working for myself, and I had to deal with managing my emotions of grief. from the loss of a position and the loss of my dad simultaneously. Some emotions can become latent effects until you deal with them. I had to become very quiet and still; I felt like I was on the bench as a bench player in sports, and this was not by my choice. In order to align my priorities with gaining the purpose and assert my creativity, obedience, and sacrifice were required. I realized that previous to my pursuit of chasing the “dream,” and “lifestyle," that may be as a person I spend more time chasing things that do not even exist. I heard on a podcast, The One Thing, the other day," Let go of being attached to the way things were to be." With the changes in lifestyle, it takes sacrifice and obedience to enter a new normal for any season in your life. Obedience and sacrifice come together to not give you the results you may be looking for, more importantly, they allow you to evolve as a person.

5. Real Support is Real Support: Support comes in many ways. Some support may not meet your expectations, as stated in the book four agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz" Never take anything personally." I learned to take support as it comes and how it comes and be grateful for all things. I found myself pretty disappointed when I placed the expectation that I have on myself onto others. Everyone will not support you in the way you want them too, and you can’t take it personally when they do not show up for you how you expect. Do not react unjustly, I say to call in the “KIM METHOD,” Keeping it moving to the people, places, and things that will build you up without hesitation and no expectations.

Have Faith-Be Focused-Stay Fly

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