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Thanks to the Gps on mobile devices, it is easy to ask people what is their ETA?

This is a code for Estimated time of arrival. The great thing about this question is that your, “ ETA,” is that it builds anticipation, feeds expectation, and delivers tangible result for the other party.

What do I mean by the tangible result?

The result is that you will deliver an expected purpose as to why you are arriving for the person in need of your presence.

Your presence actually delivers an influence for their next move or experience for their day.

The next move for their day is guided by YOUR impact from you being present, in their lives.

YOUR purpose within the time spent may change the entire trajectory of their life.

Amazing Right?

Your conversation, your ability to meet them at the expected time of arrival in service makes a difference.

What am I getting at?

Have you thought about your arrival at your calling and purpose?

What is your ESTIMATE TIME Of ARRIVAL to your gifts, passion, vision, and calling?

Are you choosing to hide?

Are you comparing yourself?

Are you afraid?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then all I can say is “perfect ta mango!”

This is the perfect place that you should be because your accusers, those who challenge you, and your enemies are shaking in their boots about your ETA!

Your audience, partners, mentees, sponsors are anticipating for you to show up just as you are. We are all called to our own Nation.

I need you to do one thing, and that is make the decision to ARRIVE ON TIME!


Ask God to direct your path to his will. Submit to his GPS.. and you will show up at your ETA.


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