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Natalie Fletcher

Natalie Fletcher aka Natalie the Muse was raised in Alabama filled in a home with southern charm and family values. At an early age, she learned about overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities from her grandmother. Muse, became a concept developed during college when she was on her quest for her life’s calling after her grandmother past away. Her mission is to speak, construct wholeness that enhances any project, or mission-minded creatives to accelerate their vision. As one who inspires she thrives off of being an inspiration to her community. She focuses on helping others as a Muse, serving as a Consultant, Author, and Strategic Planner. Natalie currently resides in Nashville Tennessee.  

Natalie attended Middle Tennessee State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree with a Recording Industry Music Business concentration and a minor in Entrepreneurship. She set out with the dream to be the next female P.Diddy/ and discover great talents like Clive Davis. After working in radio as an eager sales rep, and creating promotional events around the Music City, Nashville Tennessee, she desired a new direction. She sought after working within the higher education industry. She became the youngest senior manager, and female minority to oversee several departments for various college groups in every role she obtained. In her career, she became known for delivering results through her skills in virtual team management, strategic planning, and training.

Natalie was at the top of her game within the career she desired and the perfect social life. Due to corporate changes, the position was eliminated from the company. She was alone, devastated, disappointed, and felt rejected. She wondered what to do next. After the phone call, She closed her laptop and wrote, “Now is not the time to panic,” on the note pad and quietly left the building. She felt that she was eliminated from the destiny for her future. She then referred to“Have Faith, Be Focused, & Stay Fly” - A mantra that keeps her within God's purpose and on her assignment, even though she didn't feel like it. Through this season, she discovered many ways to overcome and move forward. She managed her self-inflicted pressures driven by friends, family, and loved ones, how to let go of title attachments & ego, bouncing back from the embarrassment, forgiving to move forward, and silencing the noise to stay connected to her life’s mission. She moved ahead dedicated to her life’s purpose with her entrepreneurial heart and creative spirit to influence and motivate others.


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